• Has a long history of partnering with and enabling many of the most successful enterprises around the world to rapidly roll out differentiated gigabit and now multi-gigabit services in their properties efficiently and effectively.
  • Help you to unleash hyper-fast broadband and deliver you the ultimate end-user experience.
  • Accelerate and simplify the network wide deployment of future-proof next generation multi-gigabit services over fiber, so service providers can deliver the advanced services expected by their customers with maximum flexibility, architectural headroom, and operational simplicity.


Simplifies the Local Area Network infrastructure as well as network moves, adds and changes.

Not limited by the distance and bandwidth constraints of twisted copper pair networks.

Secure by design, based on optical fiber and built-in encryption.



Redundant “carrier grade” systems offer up to 99.999% network availability.


DZS has optical LAN solutions for small, medium or large locations.


DZS Passive Optical LAN solutions can reduce power consumption by 80%, space by 90%, and OPEX and CAPEX by 50%.