• The open-system AlertWerks AW3000 IoT Wireless gateway uses LoRaWAN wireless technology and works with any LoRaWAN sensor on the market.
  • AlertWerks Wired version works with a range of compatible wired sensors.
  • Both versions record events on-site and automate actions remotely, giving you full control with just a browser-based interface to protect and ensure the stability of your business.


LoRaWAN sensors monitor temperature, humidity, airflow, status of dry contacts, door sensors, motion detection, and more

Configure a virtual sensor to ping a device, ensuring that an important piece of equipment is online

AW3000 operates over Wi-Fi® 802.11b/g/n/a/c or Ethernet

Via HDMI output and USB ports, AW3000 connects to an HDMI monitor to visualize data. Command-line editing or Linux® knowledge is not needed - AW3000 boots directly into a graphical user interface

Define warning and critical alarm states, and notification actions including SNMP traps, SNMP SET commands, e-mails, SMS, sirens, etc. When the measured value exceeds the threshold, you get an alert

The all-in-one AW3000 draws power through a USB or PoE+ RJ-45/LAN interface

Predictive maintenance empowers you to eliminate or replace complex and costly solutions


Plug & Play

Seamless integration with Black Box and third-party Wireless Access Points and analytics software.


Start small and build out your solution as your data center grows.

Real-time data

Accurate, real-time information about sensor status on your personalized BBX.