• Take live TV streams from a wide range of sources – terrestrial, satellite, IP or cable, as well as your own internal channels – and makes them available over your organisation’s LAN, wireless network, WAN, the internet and mobile devices. Once on the network, channels can be displayed on any number of end-points.
  • Award winning EZ TV platform offers the most advanced IPTV experience with live streaming, on-demand video, digital recording, mosaic player, time-shifted TV and customizable look-and-feel. EZ TV content security and user-access controls are certified by military units and broadcasters for local and multi-site applications.


Stream IPTV content over LAN and WAN networks with cutting-edge encoding that provides the lowest latency possible.

Display channels on TVs or directly onto personal desktop monitors and laptops via TV distribution technology.

Deliver high-quality, live-action TV plus news and sports programming throughout your venue to any screen or mobile device and keep visitors engaged.

Deliver TV content to any compatible device to accommodate multiple locations and mobile users.

Combine digital signage with IP video to display visitor information, sponsors’ adverts and announcements, as well as RSS feeds.

Easily transition from legacy cable-based TV systems to cutting-edge, cost-effective IPTV distribution systems using your existing network infrastructure.


Flexible and Scalable

System scales to support any number of channels with HEVC and 4K support, as well as multiple end-user devices, without compromising system performance, flexibility or network availability.

Reliability and Content Security

Seamless integration with HDCPv2 and other international technology standards for content protection ensures secure video distribution from source to display.


Efficient use of your network is guaranteed by streaming each channel once, regardless of the number of viewers, thus saving on bandwidth.