• Gain real-time visibility of every single reefer container in your yard independent of brand and type. Look for a wireless solution that connects every reefer data port to a central server and provides comprehensive documentation to comply with all insurance and government requirements.
  • One system for all your reefer tasks
  • A robust wireless monitoring device
  • Plug & play with your TOS


Automates management of entire reefer process from gate entry to exit

High system availability through robust wireless network technology

Immediate power on/off detection with accurate reporting of total connection time

Digital archive for claim handling

All relevant information at a glance in one system in real-time

Real-time monitoring & alarms for all brands and types incl. automated log downloads

Logical alarms for setpoint mismatches

Energy monitoring w/o additional hardware and customisable reports

Tablet or smartphone for reefer mechanic eliminates paper & pencil

Logical alarms for setpoint mismatches


Makes life easier

Provides seamless AOI-based TOS integration with Navis N4, tideworks Technology and many others, bolt-on hardware installation w/o interruption of ongoing operations, full scalability and flexibility due to wireless set-up and 24/7 remote support & service by a global support team

Keeps your people safe

Designed to reduce traffic in the yard, automate monitoring of stacked (non-racked) containers reducing foot traffic and eliminating torn power cables

Saves you money

With its significant reduction of claims, reduced labour time, less interruption of operations in reefer blocks due to less physical tasks being needed and Ultra low maintenance system with up to 10 years battery lifetime