• Black Box® has developed and manufactured industry-leading KVM technology for over 25 years. Today, Black Box has become the global leader in KVM in terms of KVM product range, revenue, employees and global coverage.
  • The broad portfolio of KVM products allows you to build a complete solution that fully benefits your application.
  • KVM switching and extension technology enhances user workflows in many industries, such as broadcasting and media production, air traffic control, control rooms, data centres, and other collaborative environments.


KVM extension technology enables point-to-point extension of computer signals. It extends signals up to 150 meters over CATx and even farther over fiber or IP

KVM extension allows a user to access remote computers from a single keyboard, monitor, and mouse

KVM switching allows users to operate and switch between multiple computers or virtual machines from a single keyboard, mouse, and one or multiple monitors

Perfect for applications that need access to computers stored in secure and isolated areas


Multisystem Remote Access

Control multiple remote computers and operating systems from any workspace and improve productivity with efficient multitasking. Support for multimonitor workspaces and USB peripherals, such as graphic tablets.

Lightning-Fast Switching

Our KVM technology allows you to switch between PCs, servers, and virtual machines with ease. Use buttons, hotkeys, serial devices, control systems, or touch panels to make switching even more intuitive.

Protect Critical Hardware

Store computers in cleaner, quieter, and more secure locations than a user works pace and limit access to critical hardware to selected users.