Purple on Demand by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

June 20, 2024

Purple on Demand by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise is a products and services offer aimed at delivering business communications to end customers in a private environment. The business model is based on a subscription to software and services, around the user and his uses, complemented with hardware items (including phone sets, conferencing devices and accessories) purchased in a CAPEX model

The solution offers:

• Enterprise-grade business communications
• Full software/full IP
• Highest level of security and reliability
• Mobility across all usages (on-site, on the road, remote working)
• Collaboration across teams and with external people
• Customer relationship services and contact center
• Integration with business processes and applications
• Open APIs for specific development and solutions for verticalised industries (for example healthcare, government, education, hospitality, transportation, energy and utilities)
• Deployment flexibility on premises, hosted or in a private cloud

The simplified Purple on Demand offer proposes a unique user profile called Voice Enterprise, which includes all business telephony services on multiple endpoints using IP-based supported technologies (including IP, SIP, IP-DECT and WLAN) and also the REX (Remote Extension) connectivity to connect a Rainbow™ by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise software client. Voice messaging, high availability, and native encryption are also included in the user base profile. Each user can be equipped with one or multiple physical endpoints or softphones

Optional services can be added to address various specific needs of the customer, including:
• Attendant service to welcome external calls to the enterprise
• Contact centre service for voice-only agents or multichannel agents
• Management and analytics
• A large set of APIs are also available for business applications and workflow integration (for example, telephony, management and recording)

Connectivity with the public network can be performed through VoIP technology based on SIP standard, including:
• Media processing
• SIP trunk