Live demonstration of the Reefer Runner from Identec Solutions

January 30, 2024

EBDI Pilippines incorporated has completed the live demonstation of the Reefer Runner solution from Identec Solutions in one of the major container terminal operator in the country. Reefer Runner for Marine and Ports is a real time remote monitoring, tracking and control system for refrigerated container management in container terminal.

The demo system is composed of 1 Reader and 5 Tags, Tags are installed and connected to the refrigerated container's panel and it monitors the different conditions of the refrigerated container such us real time temperature, power consumption, Tag connection etc. These information is then transmitted to the Reader via UHF signal and the Reader relays these information to the central server via ethernet connection. The Central server provides all relevant information at a glance in one system in real-time.

With the Reefer Runner installed, the container terminal operator were able to exprerience:

  • * Automated management of entire reefer process from gate entry to exit
  • * Immediate power on/off detection with accurate reporting of total connection time
  • * Real-time monitoring & alarms for all brands and types incl. automated log downloads
  • * Energy monitoring w/o additional hardware and customisable reports
  • * Reduced human traffic and intervention in the yard

The demo was concluded after 3 weeks.